Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Angel’s Kiss–Synopsis

Hiya, Everyone! So I haven’t just been watching TV and playing around on the Internet (LOL) I’ve actually been working on some projects. Here a synopsis of an upcoming release called An Angel’s Kiss.


When a vampire is cursed, there is only one cure: an angel's kiss.

In the exciting prequel to a new upcoming series, The Original Courtesans, we meet Emma, a Nephilim whose ultimate dream is to ascend and earn her wings and halo as an angel. All she has to do is emulate her Archangel counterparts who deliver absolute obedience to the All-Maker and never showcase any emotions. For three hundred years, Emma has done just that.

But when she's sent as an envoy to The Manor, the supernatural prison run by Dago's vampire clan, she inadvertently finds herself in the middle of an age-old conflict between the supernatural creatures, who call themselves Originals, and the Archangel faction dead set on ending their existence. 

Her loyalty at first is clear, but when her once-pure thoughts turn downright sinful towards Dago, the irresistible administrator of the facility, she knows her dream of ascension might not be as easy to attain. In order to succeed, she must rid herself of her half-human nature and repress her desires.


Dago Romsbane's mission of his sixteen hundred-year-old life is clear: run The Manor and maintain the delicate balance between the natural and supernatural world. But when a vindictive witch curses him, he seeks out an Elder Witch, Madame Lecoq for the cure.

DividerMadame Lecoq has problems of her own, especially after she's unwillingly been made to mentor Lizbeth Proctor, a young witch who loves to flirt with danger. When a cursed vampire shows up at her doorstep, Madame knows this is her chance to rid herself of her meddlesome ward. Despite the dangers, she’s willing to risk it all to help a vampire in need.


Madame’s cure sounds simple at first, but much to Dago's surprise, an angel's kiss turns out to be a much more complicated and intimate affair. In a world that forbids different supernatural races from intermixing, an offense punishable by eternal death, Dago is confronted with the ultimate choice. In order to obtain his cure, he must hide his offense and end an angel's life to save his own.

But when the angel in question turns out to be an enchanting temptation he can’t resist, will he be able to follow through with his plan? Or is everything he’s known about to change forever?


Warning: An Angel's Kiss features a hot and bothered Nephilim who needs help keeping her hands away from a gorgeous vampire who’s set on claiming her after tasting her addictive cure. Mature readers only 18+, paranormal romance mixed with a healthy dose of oral sex, intrigue, and steamy sex scenes made to melt your e-reader.

What do you think? Check back in with me in a few weeks when I reveal the cover. See you then!


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